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Terms and Conditions

Refund, Cancellation, DeFault and appointment policy
  • All clients will be required to complete an online consent form prior to their first appointment.
  • If client fails to complete the online consent form where required for applicable procedure, these consent will be taken verbally on the day and note that applicable forms are accessible to public and customers at any point in time. Clients acknowledge consent by turning up the the appointment with or without signing consent.
  • The designated staff must be advised any changes in relation to your circumstances, either your personal details or medical history prior to any appointment.
  • The client has the responsibility to disclose all medical issues to Body Contour Studio. Body Contour Studio will not be held liable for any unknown or undisclosed medical issues. Thus, it is important to complete the consent form thoroughly.
  • Body Contour Studio’s reserves the right to refuse treatment of any client in circumstances where the designated staff deems the treatment to be unsuitable.
  • Body Contour Studio does not provide refunds for services due to the change of mind. This does not exclude your rights for a refund under consumer law where there is a major problem with the service. Please provide us a copy of a medical certificate in relation to refunds due to medical reasons.
  • Body Contour Studio requires a $50.00 non refundable deposit to be paid to secure your appointment.
  • Body Contour Studio requires a $50.00 non refundable deposit for each date a client books for their appointment in a package.
  • All procedures will need to be paid in full on the day less amount paid for deposit before the commencement of the procedure. (Cash , Credit Card, Afterpay or Zip Pay).*
  • Afterpay and Zippay Minimum payment of $500
  • If payment is defaulted, procedures may still be commenced and you will be required to clear the balance within 14 days of the procedure date.
  • Should payment of the full amount owing not be paid within 14 days of the procedure date, a penalty fee of $100 may be added onto the balance.
  • Body Contour Studio reserves the right to commence legal action by forward these matters to our legal team and note all legal fees associated will be added onto subsequent claims.
  • We require a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) notice by way of email using our contact page for any appointment cancellation.
  • If you cancel your appointment with 72 hour notice, you can use the $50.00 non-refundable deposit as a credit – you cannot refund the deposit as it is non-refundable
  • If you fail to cancel with 72 hours notice, we will keep the non refundable deposit.
  • If you have paid the treatment package in full and failed to attend or provide 72 hours (3 days) notice, you will lose the treatment itself for that appointment.
  • Please note that your appointment will be cancelled if you come more than 10 minutes late to your appointments and your deposit cannot be refunded back to you.
  • Please refer to the Booking Terms & Condition located under the Book Now tab for further details.


Redeemable in-store only.

Not redeemable on website to make bookings, all bookings require a deposit of $100.00 payable through website.

Not redeemable or exchangeable for cash.

Valid until 3 years from date of purchase.


Treatment Packages

Results from treatments may take up to 12 weeks to show results and results will vary from client to client. If you are dissatisfied with your results or experience an adverse reaction you agree to provide us with any information requested by us so we can assess your issues, this includes the provision of photographs. If you refused our request for information it will impact on our ability to assist you.

body contour studio 


Anti-sweat injections are typically safe and well-received by patients. Temporary discomfort or bruising at the injection site may occur but usually resolves on its own. In rare cases, temporary muscle weakness can happen if the medication spreads to adjacent areas, particularly in treatments for palmar and facial hyperhidrosis. Compensatory sweating, an increase in sweating in untreated areas due to reduced sweating in treated ones, is uncommon. Allergic reactions are exceedingly rare.

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