Anti-Wrinkle Injections Price List
ServiceCategoryDuration (Estimated)Cost
Anti-Wrinkle Injections Type AAnti-Wrinkle Injections30 minA$11.00 per unit
Anti-Wrinkle Injections Type BAnti-Wrinkle Injections30 minA$3.95 per unit
Anti-Wrinkle Injections Package Price List
ServiceCategoryDuration (Estimated)Cost
2 Area Package (Standard Dose)Anti-Wrinkle Injections30 minA$320.00
2 Area Package (Heavier Dose)Anti-Wrinkle Injections30 minA$400.00
3 Area Package (Standard Dose)Anti-Wrinkle Injections30 minA$480.00
3 Area Package (Heavier Dose)Anti-Wrinkle Injections30 minA$580.00
Dermal Fillers Price List
ServiceCategoryDuration (Estimated)Cost
Lip Filler  (Soft) 0.5mlLip Filler45 minA$320.00
Lip Filler  (Soft) 1mlLip Filler45 minA$450.00
Lip Filler  (Firm) 0.5mlLip Filler45 minA$360.00
Lip Filler  (Firm) 1mlLip Filler45 minA$550.00
Chin Filler 1mlChin Filler45 minA$500.00
Cheek Filler 1mlCheek Filler45 minA$500.00
Cheek Filler 2mlCheek Filler45 minA$900.00
Jawline Filler  1mlJawline Filler45 minA$700.00
Jawline Filler  2mlJawline Filler45 minA$1200.00
Body Treatments Price List
ServiceCategoryDuration (Estimated)Cost
Cellulite ReductionCellulite Reduction45 minA$160.00
Cellulite Reduction (3 Treatment Package)Cellulite Reduction1 hA$450.00
Colombian Butt Lift (Single session)Colombian Butt Lift45 minA$300.00
Colombian Butt Lift (4 Treatments)Colombian Butt Lift1 hA$750.00
EmShape (Single session)EmShape30 minA$250.00
EmShape (4 Treatments)EmShape30 minA$900.00
Breast LiftVacuum Therapy & RF Skin tightening30 minA$120.00
Body Contour – Armpit fatFat Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening45 minA$180.00
Body Contour Legs (Inner, Outer Thigh or Calves)Fat Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening45 minA$180.00
Body Contour – ArmsFat Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening45 minA$180.00
Body Contour – Back (Upper or Lower)Fat Cavitation & RF Skin Tightening45 minA$180.00
Full Stomach4D HIFU45 minA$800.00
Bra Fat4D HIFU45 minA$500.00
Arms (Upper or Lower)4D HIFU45 minA$680.00
Thighs4D HIFU45 minA$700.00
Kankles/ Ankles4D HIFU30 minA$400.00
Fat Freezing 1 areaFat Freezing1 hA$250.00
Fat Freezing 2 AreasFat Freezing1 hA$500.00
Fat Freezing 1 Area (3 Session Package)Fat Freezing1 hA$700.00
Fat Freezing 2 Area (3 Session Package)Fat Freezing1 hA$1,200.00
Face Treatments Price List
ServiceCategoryDuration (Estimated)Cost
Face Contour (1 session)Face Contour20 minA$150.00
Face Contour (3 session)Face Contour20 minA$420.00
Face Lift (single)

  • Combination treatment of the face contour & 4D HIFU on jawline, double chin & lower cheeks
Face Contour & 4D HIFU30 minA$650.00
Face Lift Package (2 sessions)

  •  1x 4D HIFU on Jawline, double chin & cheeks
  • 2x face contour
 Face Contour & 4D HIFU30 minA$950.00
Cheek Lift4D HIFU20 minA$350.00
Jawline and Double Chin4D HIFU20 minA$420.00
Neck4D HIFU20 minA$480.00
Jawline, Cheeks and Double Chin4D HIFU30 minA$680.00
Full face and Double Chin4D HIFU30 minA$750.00
Full face, Neck and Double Chin4D HIFU30 minA$800.00

Note: While we try to keep this treatment price list updated on a regular basis, at times they may be outdated. Please refer to the booking page for all real-time service prices. If prices identified on this page is outdated, they will be considered null and void and will not be honoured.