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Trapezius Slimming

Have you noticed a bulky upper body without a clear reason? Maybe you’ve spotted muscle build-up in your trapezius and want to explore options for slimming it down?

Enter Trapezius Slimming—an effortless, secure, and direct treatment offered at Body Contour Studio.

What is the Trapezius Muscle?
The trapezius muscle, shaped like a trapezoid, is a large muscle spanning from the base of the neck across the shoulders and extending towards the mid-back. This muscle plays a crucial role in various movements, including head, neck, arm, shoulder, and torso mobility. Additionally, it contributes to stabilizing the spine and maintaining posture.
However, an overactive trapezius can occur due to consistent engagement of this muscle group, even during low-intensity activities. Continuous repetitive motions without adequate rest can lead to stress and irritation in the affected tissue

Trapezius Slimming Injections

At Body Contour Studio, we specialise in using anti-wrinkle injections to address areas affected by muscle overdevelopment, including the trapezius region. These injections aren’t just limited to reducing wrinkles; they’re also effective in inducing muscle atrophy, allowing for the reduction of existing muscle bulk and preventing further overactivity.

Our Trapezius Slimming Injections target the overactive trapezoid muscle, relaxing it to prevent excessive movement and allowing accumulated muscle bulk to diminish and shrink. The visible outcome is a more streamlined, graceful appearance in the neck and shoulders, enhancing the definition of the shoulder-to-neck angle and promoting improved posture

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Why should you slim down your Trapezius muscle?

While activities like strength training, swimming, or resistance-based exercises sculpt the body, they can also lead to unwanted muscle accumulation in specific areas.
Excessive muscular development in the trapezius region, often termed ‘traps,’ can create a pronounced and elevated area between the neck and shoulders. This can visually shorten the neck and add thickness to the back, resulting in a ‘hulking’ effect.
For individuals seeking a sleeker, more refined upper torso, bulky traps can be a concern. Many women find that muscular traps detract from their femininity, making their neck appear shorter and affecting the décolleté. Others see bulky traps as contributing to an aging appearance due to the semblance of a hunched posture.
Given these concerns, our Trapezius Slimming treatment offers a solution for those aiming to address this issue

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Why choose us?

At Body Contour Studio, we prioritise personalised and tailored treatments for our clients. Our clinic offers a customised approach to trapezius neck slimming injections, ensuring that each individual’s concerns are thoroughly understood and addressed through personalized treatment plans designed to achieve their specific aesthetic goals.

Trapezius Slimming FAQ

Anti-wrinkle injections typically produce a sensation similar to a tiny ant bite or sting, lasting only during the injection process. The procedure involves the use of a small needle, taking just a few seconds per injection site.

Anti-wrinkle injections typically start taking effect within 1-2 weeks. Visible slimming effects usually appear around 4-6 weeks as the targeted muscles begin to atrophy. It’s important to wait at least 8 weeks to evaluate the treatment’s full impact.

The frequency of this treatment typically ranges from every 3 to 6 months, varying based on an individual’s lifestyle and metabolism

Trapezius slimming treatments address diverse concerns:

  1. Relief for neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches.
  2. Aid for posture improvement, often in collaboration with physiotherapy.
  3. Aesthetic enhancement, promoting an elongated neck and refined shoulder contour. Particularly sought-after by women for a graceful and feminine appearance, diminishing a bulky look.
  4. Genetic predisposition leading to overdeveloped traps in some patients.
  5. Poor postural habits, like holding a phone between the shoulder and head, contributing to this condition

Undergoing treatment while breastfeeding or pregnant is not advised. There haven’t been tests conducted on anti wrinkle treatment for individuals in these conditions, making it uncertain whether it’s safe. Thus, we strongly recommend avoiding these procedures until after childbirth and the completion of your breastfeeding period.

Occasional side effects of the injections may include bruising and discomfort. This will be discussed with you before the treatment.

In some cases, temporary muscle weakness could affect lifting or upper arm function. However, when administered by experienced professionals, side effects are generally minimal. The majority of patients do not encounter weakness or other adverse effects

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