EmShape is a non-invasive treatment and has no recovery time or any pre/post-treatment preparation. EmShape uses High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy to create a muscle contraction stronger than you could ever achieve on your own. In each 30-minute session, you can achieve up to 20,000 contractions – the equivalent of up to 20,000 crunches/squats to strengthen and tone your inner core, sculpt your abs and glutes. This contraction does not involve muscle relaxation and the muscle works at its maximum capacity. These extreme contraction conditions require the muscle to adapt and develop muscular mass over the treated area and burn fat in the background.

EmShape® results are similar to the results of months of time spent at the gym building muscle and losing fat. Many people will notice results within the 2 to 6 weeks following treatment and they will continue to improve in the months following. A positive lifestyle of proper food intake and exercise with help maintain the effect.

The protocol recommends 8 x 30-minute sessions within approximately a four week period.

Visits are spaced two or three days apart for optimal results.


  • average 15 to 20% muscle growth and fat reduction
  • efficiency – each treatment takes just 30 minutes
  • no disruption to your daily schedule
  • quick and noticeable results. Visible abdominal and gluteal toning, strengthening, and firming in four weeks
  • pain-free with no downtime

How it works

Emshape precisely targets abdominal and gluteal muscles with High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic energy. These electromagnetic waves stimulate extremely potent muscle contractions, that are unlike anything that can be achieved through exercise. As a result of these extreme conditions, muscle fibers undergo intense remodeling to become thicker and stronger. At the same time, the supramaximal contractions cause the release of free fatty acids and increased lipolysis.

Who is the best candidate?

EmShape is ideal for individuals with a low BMI who are physically fit. Keep in mind that EmShape is meant to supplement your active lifestyle and balanced diet, not replace them.

While EmShape is typically geared toward those who are near their goal weight, this technology has the potential to provide beneficial muscle tightening and fat reduction for anyone. A consultation with our body contouring experts is the best way to find out how you may benefit from EmShape.

How many treatments will I need?

For optimal results, generally we recommend 4 – 6 treatments, two times per week, depending on your current body composition status.