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Fat Freezing, is a non-surgical fat reduction method designed to eliminate stubborn fat resistant to traditional diet and exercise.

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What is Cryolipolysis or fat freezing?

Cryolipolysis, also known as Fat Freezing, is a non-surgical fat reduction method designed to eliminate stubborn fat resistant to traditional diet and exercise. This treatment employs controlled cooling to freeze fat cells in targeted areas, typically reaching temperatures as low as -10 degrees.

The procedure induces the crystallization and subsequent elimination of fat cells without the need for general or topical anesthesia or pain medications. It involves no downtime, enabling individuals to resume regular activities immediately following treatment.

Results gradually manifest over 8-12 weeks post-treatment. Studies have demonstrated the removal of approximately 10-25% of stubborn fat cells in the treated area, making it an effective option for fat reduction.

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Why Choose Fat freezing?

  • Targets Stubborn Problem Areas: Fat Freezing precisely targets areas where the body tends to store stubborn fat, areas often resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Non-Surgical & Minimally Invasive: The procedure is entirely non-invasive, allowing you to remain awake, conscious, and comfortable throughout the treatment in a private setting.
  • Significant Fat Reduction: Fat freezing is clinically proven to yield 20-40% permanent fat reduction in treated areas after each session.
  • No Downtime: Being non-invasive, the treatment is quick and requires no downtime. Experience permanent fat loss without any recovery period!
  • Pain-Free Alternative: Say goodbye to surgery! Our Cryolipolysis technology offers a pain-free alternative to surgical procedures.
  • Clinically Backed: Fat Freezing has undergone extensive global studies and clinical tests, establishing its effectiveness in permanently removing excess body fat.


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Fat Freezing FAQ

Research indicates that fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures compared to other cells in the body. This selective vulnerability ensures that during the fat freezing process, only fat cells are affected, while surrounding tissues remain unharmed.

Post-Cryolipolysis, the body naturally processes the damaged fat cells, eliminating them through its normal metabolic pathways

During Fat Freezing, targeted fat cells are subjected to extremely low temperatures, causing them to freeze and gradually break down. Over time, the body naturally eliminates these compromised fat cells through its regular metabolic processes, such as excretion via the liver, lymphatic system, and elimination through urine or sweat.

At the start of the procedure, a specialised cold antifreeze pad is applied to shield and protect the skin in the treatment area. Initially, you might experience mild discomfort, but the area typically becomes numb within the first 5-10 minutes.

During the treatment, the fat is gently drawn into a suction cup and held in position before the freezing process. Throughout the procedure, you may feel a pulsating vacuum sensation, particularly during the initial and final 5-minute intervals. This helps facilitate the breakdown of the crystallized fat cells.

At Body Contour Studio, we provide complimentary consultations to assist our experienced therapists in determining the ideal number of sessions for maximum results. Typically, we recommend between 2-4 sessions targeting the same area, although this may vary based on individual client needs and goals.

Common side effects following cryolipolysis treatment may include temporary redness, bruising, swelling, tingling, numbness, or darkening of the treated area. Most of these effects typically subside within a day or a few weeks post-treatment. While a rare side effect, paradoxically, increased fat growth at the treatment site may occur, although it is estimated to happen in less than 1% of cases.

Visible results can manifest as early as three weeks post-treatment, with optimal outcomes typically noticeable around three months. On average, fat reduction per treatment ranges between 10% to 25%, with no documented body-wide side effects. Additional sessions might be recommended after several months based on individual goals

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