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Hayfever Treatment

This treatment when applied topically in the nasal passage, alleviates hay fever by obstructing nerve signals that trigger symptoms.

What is this hayfever treatment ?
Hay fever can be relieved with this treatment. It is applied topically in the nasal passage to prevent the triggering of hay fever symptoms. The toxin works by blocking the conduction of nerve signals in the nasal passage which triggers the onset of hay fever symptoms. It is commonly known for its cosmetic applications, also exhibits potential in managing hay fever symptoms. When applied topically to the nasal passage, it operates by impeding the transmission of nerve signals responsible for initiating hay fever symptoms. By blocking these signals, the toxin effectively prevents the onset of symptoms triggered by allergens, offering relief to individuals suffering from hay fever. This alternative use showcases its versatility beyond its conventional cosmetic applications.

Benefits of this Hayfever Treatment

Advantages of this treatment include lasting relief from hay fever, eliminating the necessity for daily medication, particularly beneficial during peak grass pollen seasons in spring and summer. Experience sustained comfort without the reliance on frequent medication intake

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Who is a suitable candidate?

Hay fever treatment caters to individuals seeking enduring relief from their symptoms. It’s an ideal choice for those unsatisfied with existing allergic rhinitis treatments, offering an alternative solution for long-term symptom management.

Hayfever relief 

When will I see results?

The onset of results will vary from patient to patient due to severity of symptoms, the dose used and individual patient factors. Generally, we have found that patients begin to notice relief from their allergy symptoms two weeks after treatment. The results from the hay fever treatment are not permanent. Most patients who experience seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) only require this treatment at the beginning of the hay fever season to help relieve symptoms. However, patients who experience symptoms all year round opt to have treatment every 4 to 8 weeks. Treatment frequency can vary depending on how severe your symptoms are and how severe the current hay fever season is.

Hayfever Treatment FAQ

The procedure is swift and painless, involving two clinic visits. Our specialized nasal atomizer administers the product into each nostril without the need for needles or injections.

There’s no downtime, but for four hours after the procedure, refrain from nose blowing, nasal sprays, or intense exercise.

For best outcomes, we advise using a FESS® nasal & sinus wash gentle strength one hour before your treatment session. These are available at most pharmacies. This nasal rinse primes the nasal passage, enhancing the contact and effectiveness of botulinum toxin on the nerves responsible for triggering hay fever symptoms. Avoid using any nasal sprays 24 hours before the procedure.

Botulinum toxin hay fever treatment doesn’t offer permanent relief. While some with seasonal allergic rhinitis may need this treatment at the season’s start for symptom relief, those with perennial symptoms may opt for treatment every 4 to 8 weeks. Treatment frequency depends on symptom severity and the intensity of the current hay fever season.

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