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Lip Filler: A Multi-Stage Transformation
At Body Contour Studio, we aim for natural, plump, and stunning lips! The journey to your desired look with lip filler is a gradual process, unveiling its complete effect in stages.
Consultation: The Key Starting Point
The initial consultation is pivotal. It’s normal to feel excited and apprehensive. Come prepared with questions and research. During this session, our clinician will discuss your expectations, possible side effects, and stages of healing. Crucial aspects like rare side effects and consent will be thoroughly covered.
Importance of Visuals
Bringing reference photos of your preferred lips can aid the injector in understanding your expectations. However, individual outcomes vary based on factors like lip size, face shape, and desired aesthetics.
Post-Treatment: The Immediate Experience
Following lip filler injections, expect visible side effects like slight bleeding, redness, and swelling. These normal effects typically diminish within 4 weeks. Bruising may occur and can be managed with ice packs and arnica cream as advised by the nurse.
Caring for Your Lips Post-Treatment
Post-injection care is crucial for swift healing and optimal results. Avoiding strenuous exercise and extreme heat, along with abstaining from alcohol, aids in faster recovery. Hydration plays a crucial role in achieving fresh, hydrated, and full lips.
The Days Following: Healing and Expectations
Expect swelling, bruising, and firmness in the days after treatment. Swelling and unevenness are common, but they should gradually subside within 3-5 days. Filler assimilation with lip tissue takes up to 4 weeks, resulting in a softer, more youthful appearance.
Review at 4 Weeks: A Step Toward Desired Lips
A follow-up appointment at our Sydney Clinics after 4 weeks is highly recommended. This review allows assessment of lip shape, size, and patient satisfaction. Additional treatments might be suggested to achieve desired results. Lumpiness or asymmetry often resolves within this period, allowing a more accurate assessment of the final outcome.
Every individual’s lip filler journey is unique, and patient anatomy and healing processes differ. The aim is not a universal outcome but achieving the look you desire through personalized treatments. Trust the process and enjoy your stunning new lips!

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