Toskani Purifying Scrub


Toskani Purifying Scrub is indeed a fantastic solution for blemish-prone skin, offering both exfoliating and purifying benefits. Here’s why it’s an excellent choice for those dealing with acne:

  1. Skin-clearing clay scrub/mask: This product serves as a dual-action treatment, functioning as both a scrub and a mask. The clay base helps to draw out impurities from the skin while providing gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.
  2. Reduces oil levels: With its oil-absorbing properties, the Purifying Scrub helps to reduce excess oil production, which is often a contributing factor to acne breakouts. By controlling oil levels, it can prevent the buildup of sebum that leads to blemishes.
  3. Calms inflammation: The formulation includes ingredients that are known for their soothing properties, helping to calm inflammation and redness associated with acne. This can alleviate discomfort and promote a more balanced complexion.
  4. Clears impurities: By clearing away impurities from the skin, including dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells, the Purifying Scrub prevents pore congestion and reduces the likelihood of acne formation. This results in a clearer, more radiant complexion over time.

Overall, Toskani Purifying Scrub is an effective solution for addressing the specific needs of blemish-prone skin, providing targeted care to reduce oiliness, inflammation, and impurities.




Use once or twice a week.
Remove makeup and clean the face thoroughly with Energizing Cleanser. Wet the face with Bamboo Hydratonic or (warm) water.
Never use hot water. It can dehydrate the skin and lead to barrier impairment.
Apply Purifying Scrub with the help of your fingers. Gently massage Purifying Scrub over the face, neck, and décolletage
Use steady circular motions and focus on problem areas such as the t-zone, chin, and corners of the mouth.
Let the scrub act on the skin for about 4 minutes. Then remove the product with water at room temperature.
When finished, gently tap your face dry with a towel.



Toskani Purifying Scrub is indeed a great choice for those with oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin. Let’s break down its key features:

Best for: Oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin types.


  1. Visible improvement in acne signs: This scrub offers visible results in reducing the appearance of acne, including pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  2. Pore purification: It effectively purifies pores, helping to remove impurities such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that can lead to acne breakouts.
  3. Oil control: By eliminating excess oil from the skin’s surface, the scrub helps to control oil levels, reducing shine and preventing pore congestion.
  4. Exfoliation: The scrub gently exfoliates the skin, sloughing away dead superficial cells to reveal smoother, clearer skin underneath.

Skin-loving ingredients:

  1. Moroccan Lava Clay: Also known as Rhassoul clay, it is highly effective in drawing out impurities and unclogging pores. It can also reduce redness and inflammation associated with acne.
  2. Vitamin E: This hydrating antioxidant helps to nourish and protect the skin, supporting its overall health and resilience.
  3. Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (Witch Hazel): With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, witch hazel helps to soothe irritation, improve hydration, and regulate oil production.

Toskani is renowned for its commitment to science and technology, providing professional-grade cosmetic products that deliver noticeable results. If you’re considering incorporating the Purifying Scrub into your skincare routine, it’s recommended to complete an online skin consultation first to ensure it’s suitable for your specific skin concerns and needs.