Toskani Total Recovery Gel


Total Recovery Gel is a rejuvenating cream tailored for normal or dry skin, boasting a potent renewing effect that enhances the appearance of damaged skin. Its enriching active ingredients aid in restoring the skin’s barrier function and offer photo-protective benefits. Furthermore, they foster and expedite the skin’s regeneration process, while simultaneously hydrating and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. The cream’s unique blend of ingredients also delivers a robust antioxidant effect, thwarting premature aging.

Ideal for oily and normal skin types.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera Extract: Calms inflammation and irritation.
  • Collagen: Revitalizes skin’s connective tissues, imparting smoothness and firmness.
  • Vegetable Tensor: Delivers an instant tightening effect, promoting a smoother, more youthful appearance.


Toskani Total Recovery Gel is your go-to soothing aloe vera gel infused with rejuvenating ingredients, crafted to nurture and restore irritated, impaired, and sensitive skin.

Best for:

  • Oily and normal skin types
  • Irritated, sensitized skin
  • Compromised skin barrier
  • Post-treatment care

Benefits of Toskani Total Recovery Gel:

  • High Aloe Vera content accelerates regeneration of irritated, damaged skin.
  • Skin-loving ingredients:
    • Aloe Vera Extract: Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, aids in tissue regeneration, reduces redness and irritation, and fights environmental free radicals.
    • Collagen: Moisturizes and plumps the skin, promoting a fresh, youthful appearance.
    • Shea Butter: Repairs and softens the skin, providing flexibility, deep hydration, and preventing premature aging.
    • Mimosa Tenuiflora Extract: Stimulates collagen synthesis, improves microcirculation, and soothes irritated skin.
    • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Nutritive and restorative properties enhance skin elasticity and firmness, while providing a soft tensor effect and retaining moisture.
    • Elastin: Vital for connective and elastic tissue structure, providing dermal elasticity and flexibility.
    • Vegetable Tensor: Delivers an immediate tightening effect, smoothing the skin, reducing signs of fatigue and fine lines.