Toskani Aquabalance Cream


Introducing the TOSKANI Aquabalance Cream, this cream is the ultimate solution for maintaining optimal skin hydration levels. With its potent blend of ingredients, including the Natural Moisturising Factor and a vitamin complex AF, combined with Mimosa Tenuiflora extract, it enhances skin regeneration and protection. Enriched further with antioxidant vitamin E, this cream delivers continuous hydration while instantly smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Ideal for youthful skin (biological age up to 35)
  • Addresses mild to moderate wrinkles, fine lines, and superficial wrinkles
  • Suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin
  • Compatible with all skin types, even the most reactive




AM and PM apply to skin after Aquabalance Mesoserum has dried, use as many times as necessary.



Toskani Aquabalance Cream is your go-to solution for deep and enduring hydration, ensuring your skin remains velvety soft throughout the day.

Best for: Ideal for all skin types, including youthful skin up to 35 years. Particularly beneficial for those with dehydrated or dry skin, as well as mild to moderate wrinkles, fine lines, and superficial wrinkles.

Benefits of Toskani Aquabalance Cream:

  1. Provides deep hydration with a long-lasting effect.
  2. Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Regenerates and protects the skin.

Toskani Aquabalance Cream Skin Loving Ingredients:

  1. Lactic acid: Maintains optimal moisture levels in the skin while enhancing its elasticity, contributing to a smoother, more youthful appearance.
  2. Allantoin: Supports skin recovery and provides a gentle exfoliating effect, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  3. Tocopherol: A natural antioxidant that delivers anti-aging benefits by helping to maintain skin elasticity.
  4. Mimosa tenuiflora extract: Stimulates collagen synthesis, improves microcirculation, and enhances tissue oxygenation. It also offers soothing and calming properties, nurturing the skin.

Toskani – Skincare Combining Science and Technology: Toskani is renowned for its professional-grade cosmetic products, initially developed for clinical settings. With a focus on delivering active ingredients that address diverse skin concerns, Toskani products are backed by noticeable results.

Our commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in our use of cutting-edge science and technology. From our origins as a pharmacy in the 1950s to our expansion into the aesthetic market as Toskani in 1994, our products are now available in over 50 countries worldwide. We harness the latest advancements in injectable and cosmeceutical industries to provide you with superior skincare solutions.

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