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Welcome to Body Contour Studio.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our customers or potential clients have been asking;

How does Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing work?2019-07-20T16:45:43+10:00

The Cryolipolysis procedure utilises highly controlled cooling technology that can safely and effectively reduce and eliminate fat cells from specific areas of the body. Cryolipolysis can deliver significant fat layer reduction in these targeted areas which help to contour the body and reclaim its natural shape. This procedure is non-invasive with no anesthesia or recovery time.

During the procedure tissue is drawn into a cup with mild vacuum pressure that may cause some discomfort or an unfamiliar sensation. Patients may also experience an uncomfortable cold sensation that typically subsides within 10-12 minutes after the procedure begins. After the procedure, the body will absorb the damaged fat cells and eliminate them through the normal metabolic process through the liver and and the lymphatic system, over a two to four month period. It is imperative that you must have a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you see results.

Once the procedure is complete, patients can immediately return to their normal activities, including work or exercise.

Clinical studies discovered that at cells are more sensitive to cold and cannot survived in cold temperatures unlike the surrounding body cells. Therefore, no other cell is damaged during the process of fat freezing.

After the procedure, the body will absorb the damaged fat cells and eliminate them through the normal metabolic process through the liver and and the lymphatic system, over a two to four month period. It is imperative that you must have a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you see results.

How long does it take to see results?2019-07-20T16:46:08+10:00

Results differ from each person as we all have different goals and bodies. Clients will often see visible results after 6 to 12 week of the treatment. It is important to note that dead fat cells will continue to flush out of the body 3 months post treatment.

What does the treatment feel like?2019-07-20T16:48:30+10:00

In the first couple of minutes, you will feel cold, suction and pressure sensation during the treatment. This will dissipate as the area become numb. Many customers watch videos, read, or even take a nap during their treatment.

Is there any downtime?2019-07-20T16:02:58+10:00

Fat freezing is a safe, non-invasive treatment with no downtime. You will be able to go back to your usual routine after.

How does fat cavitation work?2019-07-20T16:03:55+10:00

Ultrasound Cavitation is used predominantly for fat reduction. Cavitation is based on low frequency ultrasound and sculpts the body without the need for surgery.   It is a risk free procedure avoiding scars, discomfort and downtime and is seen to be a safer alternative to liposuction.  The ultrasound produces a strong wave of pressure that target the fat cell membranes.  The membranes cannot stand the pressure thus disintegrating into a liquid state which is naturally eliminating, resulting in instant fat loss.

This treatment is perfect for those who suffer from cellulite as the ultra sound focuses on the superficial fat tissue.  Best results are achieved when the ultrasound is applied in conjunction with the radio frequency.

What happens to the fat?2019-07-20T16:04:39+10:00

Excess fat is released in to the interstitial space between the cells during and after the cavitation treatment.  It is then metabolised to glycerol and fatty free acids.  Glycerol that is water-soluble is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source.  The insoluble fatty free acids are transported via the liver and kidneys and processed as if fatty acids from foods and then eliminated naturally from the body.

What areas can I treat?2019-07-20T16:05:19+10:00

All areas with fat such as thighs, abdomen and the buttocks can be treated.  The procedure works on Cellulite, the reduction of general fat and for skin tightening.

How long does the treatment take ?2019-07-20T16:06:05+10:00

A fat cavitation session lasts forty minutes when treating a single part of the body.  A minimum of 72 hours is required between each session so the body can finish the elimination of the fat.  For the best fat reduction results, between six and ten sessions is recommended depending on each person

How does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening work?2019-07-20T16:06:41+10:00

Radio frequency skin tightening is a bi-polar radio frequency sound wave that is safe and non-surgical technique that gently heats the collagen fibres and immediately tights them. New collagen is stimulated by the fibroblasts in the deeper layer of the skin over the next few months.

Further, this improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage thereby encouraging a better oxygen supply and toxin removal to further reduce the effects of ageing.

Does RF skin tightening hurt?2019-07-20T16:07:20+10:00
This is a non-invasive procedure!
You will experience a gentle warm feeling during the treatment is similar to a hot-stone massage very soothing and pain free. There is an immediate improvement of the tightening of the lax or loose skin and the improvement continues for up to 6 months after the treatment
How many treatments do I need?2019-07-20T16:07:51+10:00

It is advisable to have a few treatments over a 6-8 week period for the ultimate results to allow the deeper layers to rejuvenate and regenerate.

How many sessions of Colombian Butt Lift do I need?2019-07-20T16:30:37+10:00

We recommend our customers to have 8 to 10 sessions at weekly intervals for maximum results.
We also offer maintenance treatments when required.

What does Colombian Butt Lift involve?2020-04-21T21:59:05+10:00

At Body Contour Studio, we utilitise your body’s own natural shape and adipose tissue to naturally create your ideal buttocks! Our Colombian butt lift procedure will  reshape, tighten and contour the buttocks by melting the fat cells on the fat under your buttocks.  Our treatments will also lift the buttocks resulting in a more well-rounded and lifted bum. This treatment will also slim down the back of the thighs which reduces the appearance of cellulite and making your bum look even bigger!

The Colombian butt lift is a procedure which consists of 5 different types of treatments which works hand in hand to provide you with the best possible results:

  1. Fat Freezing
  2. Fat Cavitation
  3. Radio Frequency skin tightening
  4. Vaccum Therapy butt lift
Will this treatment add volume to my buttocks?2019-07-20T16:36:24+10:00

This treatment will assist in sculpting,  smoothen and tighten the target areas, giving you a more shapely buttocks, working with your current volume. We cannot increase the physical volume or size of your buttock but will shape the surrounding areas.

Will this treat my cellulite?2019-07-20T16:39:56+10:00

YES DEFINITELY! We can tailor your Colombian butt lift treatment to suit your goals and needs as the Fat Cavitation and Radio Frequency is perfect for melting fat cells, improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

When will I start to see results?2020-04-21T21:51:24+10:00

Results and the length of time will vary from each individual as it will depend on your lifestyle. You may notice a slight difference after each session.

We recommend having a full course of the Colombian butt lift package (4 weekly sessions) to see the best results!  Once your course is complete, we can assess your results, and can decide then if you need any additional treatments.

Is fat freezing permanent?2019-07-20T16:51:25+10:00

YES ! 20-40% of fat cells will be permanently removed during the treatment. These fat cells are gone for good. It is important to keep a healthy diet and exercise to maintain your results.

What areas can I treat?2019-07-20T16:53:43+10:00

Cryolipolysis targets the following areas of the body:

  • Love Handles – Hips
  • Arms
  • Stomach – Upper and Lower Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Banana Rolls – Under the Buttocks
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Around the Knees
  • Bra Rolls – Back Fat
  • Gynecomastia “man boobs” (males only)
What can I expect during the treatment?2020-04-21T21:46:56+10:00

A cold, anti-freeze pad is placed onto the treatment area which will protect the skin from the cold.
During treatment, the fat is gently drawn into a suction cup and held into place before freezing.
This initial application may feel a little uncomfortable and the area will go numb within the first 5-10 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?2019-07-20T17:00:56+10:00

The truth is, it depends on every individual body. Other factors include your expectations, commitment to the treatment and your attitude towards healthy living.

In general, patients to receive 1-3 treatment sessions in each area treated. The amount of treatments needed depends on the results you want and the number of areas being treated.

What is the Face Contour treatment?2020-11-02T17:24:12+11:00

The Face Contour Treatment is the perfect treatment to sharpen the jawline, slim the face and reduce the double chin fat! This treatment consists Radio Frequency skin tightening technology targets the visible effects of ageing such as wrinkles, sagging, dehydration and surface roughness. This works in three phases: drainage, reduction and firming-up.

During treatment, the radio frequency waves penetrate the skin to tighten it from the inside out. The localised heating causes an immediate contraction of collagen fibres, and increases metabolism of the fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen fibres). This stimulates and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin which has a tightening effect on the skin. The results get better overtime due to the increased production of collagen fibres giving you a tighter and younger looking skin.

Is the Face Contour treatment painful?2020-01-29T00:07:37+11:00

Our clients consider the procedure painless, comfortable and relaxing.

  • Please avoid direct sunlight and use SPF
  • Sunbathing or prolonged exposure to sunlight as it could add further irritation
  • Avoid excess alcohol the next day – your liver is involved in the process and it removes fat cells from your body
  • Avoid touching the treated area
  • Have a healthy diet and exercise
  • Avoid warm/ hot temperature environments such as sunbeds, steam rooms, saunas or hot tubs for 24 hours after treatment.
  • You can however, bath or take a shower in luke warm water in the evening following your treatment
  • You must drink at least 2 litres of water every day, this aids the ‘flushing out’ process via your lymphatic system.
How long does each treatment take?2020-11-02T17:35:37+11:00

Each treatment goes for 20 minutes. 10 minutes may be added on for consultation purposes however does not reflect the overall treatment time.

What is HIFU?2021-07-24T06:44:22+10:00

4D HIFU (High Intensity Infared Ultrasound) targets the underlining skin levels including the SMAS (muscle layer) at the right energy and tempurature to tighten, lift and strengthen for a more youthful you.

4D HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to promote the body’s own collagen production, for skin tightening and lifting. It is a great alternative to surgery as it can reach the muscle level only surgery could.

How is the Treatment Performed?2021-07-24T06:48:20+10:00

1. The gel is applied to the area where you will be receiving treatment.
2. The hand piece will be placed against the skin, you will notice a beeping sound as the focused ultrasound is administered.
3. You will feel a slight tingling feeling and we can adjust the energy levels to ensure your comfort.
4. Once the shots are completed the hand piece is moved to the adjacent skin area until the whole area is complete.

How many sessions will I need?2021-07-24T06:51:04+10:00

Everyone is completely different and this is based on the degree of skin laxity, the biological response to ultrasound energy and the individual’s collagen-building process. It is best to do the first treatment and assess after that. Some may benefit from additional treatments as the skin ages naturally and future touch-up treatments can help clients keep pace with the body’s natural aging process.

Any side effects?2021-07-24T06:52:52+10:00

The skin might appear flushed at first, this can be during treatment but sometimes this can last longer. The redness should however disappear within a few hours. Some clients experience slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to the touch, but these are all temporary. In rare cases, post-procedural effects may include temporary bruising or numbness on small areas of skin.

When do I start to see the results and how long will it last?2021-07-24T07:54:14+10:00

After your HIFU Treatment, you will see immediate results, but the ultimate results will take place over 6 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen. This provides longer lasting results that occurs gradually but dramatically over time. Your skin will continue to improve up to 6 months and will last approximately 2 years. Please be mindful that you will need to take care of your skin to ensure its longevity as we all age naturally. As such, top up treatments will be required.

Treatment Areas2021-07-24T07:01:32+10:00

HIFU addresses mild to moderate loose or sagging skin and works on the full face, double chins & neck, chest, arms, elbows, tummy, inner thighs and knees.

Any downtime?2021-07-24T07:54:03+10:00

Unlike cosmetic surgery, HIFU do not have any downtime and you are able to resume most of your daily activities.


To get the best results from the treatment, you need to follow certain steps once it’s done. You might also go home with aftercare products. Following these steps will also minimise possible side effects.

Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands prior to touching your face and body post treatment.
A non-exfoliate cleaner and light moisturizer can be used the day of treatment.
All skin irritants and active ingredients (glycolic/ salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide, retinol products, or vitamin C) can be resumed 3 days post treatment
Botox, Dysport, chemical peels, and dermal fillers can be resumed 1-3 week post your treatment
Waxing, tweezing, and depilatory creams can be resumed 3 days post treatment.

Showering and Activities:
It is okay to shower and cleanse the skin immediately after the procedure.
Avoid hot tubs, hot baths, saunas, steam rooms and exercise post treatment. However, all other normal activity can be resumed.

Avoid alcohol. The liver will be mainly responsible for disposing of the fat deposits destroyed during the treatment. Drink 8 glasses of water for 4 weeks and follow a healthy diet and light exercise plan.

What is EmShape?2021-07-24T07:16:20+10:00

EmShape is a non-invasive, FDA approved treatment to build and strengthen muscle and improve tone in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms. A 30-minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 sit ups or squats. It is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle to sculpt their bodies. EmShape can tone and tighten the abdomen and is the world’s first non-invasive buttock lifting procedure. The current handpiece treats the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. A new curved smaller handpiece for the biceps, triceps, calves and flanks (love handles) will be available soon.

How does it work?2021-07-24T07:17:48+10:00

The non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology induces supramaximal muscle contractions much stronger and faster than achievable through voluntary exercise. It is recommended to have 4x 30- minute treatments, performed at least 2 days apart for best results, though more treatments can improve the area further. The vigorous contractions trigger a metabolic change in the overlying fat that leads to destruction of a percentage of the fat cells. Seven published studies showed an average of 16% increased muscle thickness and 19% decreased fat thickness in the abdomen. The studies also demonstrated over 10% reduction in the diastasis recti- the separation between the left and right abdomen muscles that is stretched by pregnancy.

How is the best candidate?2021-07-24T07:19:44+10:00

Anyone who wants to strengthen their abdominal, buttock or thigh muscles can benefit from the procedure. The best candidates, who are most likely to achieve visible, satisfying results, are of normal weight, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

Is it painful?2021-07-24T07:21:43+10:00

The EmShape procedure is not painful and has a tapping sensation.

How long does it take to see results?2021-07-24T07:23:18+10:00

The muscles treated will feel stronger with each treatment, with increased muscle mass resulting about 2-4 weeks after the 4 treatment series. Improvement of the overlying fat is appreciable by about 3 months after the series is completed. We recommend a good exercise regimen to maintain results. Many individuals find EmShape treatments at 6 month intervals are useful to maintain results.

Are the results permanent?2021-07-24T07:26:06+10:00

EmShape is meant to generate results similar to exercising, but at a much faster and more effective pace. The muscle size and tone is never permanent unless you maintain your results by having proper diet and exercise. The results and can be easily maintained with a follow up treatments every 3 to 6 months.

Who is not a candidate?2021-07-24T07:28:15+10:00

EmShape is not recommended in some circumstances due to the electromagnetic effects of the treatment. You cannot have this treatment if you have the following:
Have implanted metal, a pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator near the treatment site
Have cardiac issues or a history of seizures
Have a hernia or have had recent surgery near the treatment site
Or women who are pregnant

EmShape vs Fat Freezing2021-07-24T07:35:46+10:00

When comparing EmShape to fat freezing, it is important to remember that each treatment excels in different areas. While EmShape can disrupt fat cells, leading to a reduction in circumference, the golden standard for non-invasive fat reduction is still fat freezing. However, Fat freezing lacks the ability that EmShape has which is to reshape the body by strengthening, toning, and building muscle. If you are looking to lose fat, fat freezing is the answer. If you are looking for muscle definition, you should choose EmShape.

Most people combine both EmShape and fat freezing for the best results as they are different treatments with different results for body contouring, many patients, who are looking for a complete transformation of their appearance, combine the two treatments. Together, both can reduce belly fat and replace it with sculpted abs.

Treatment Areas2021-07-24T07:34:04+10:00


HIFU vs Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: What is the Difference?2021-07-24T07:40:36+10:00

Main differences
1. They use different technologies to heat up the deep skin tissues. HIFU delivers more precise and more intense fractional ultrasound energy to goes to the SMAS layer, while RF is based on a bulk heating strategy.
2. HIFU goes much deeper into and beyond the dermis, being able to reach the SMAS layer (muscle). RF, on the other hand, will not go as deep as HIFU. It focuses on epidermal layers and does not go beyond the deep dermis. This is why HIFU is much more effective than RF.
3. HIFU is generally performed as a single treatment RF may require several sessions. The exact frequency of either of those treatments will depend on the type of device used and your skin conditions such as its current elasticity or your genetic heritage.

How to choose between HIFU and RF
As we age our face starts to exhibit a mix of sagging, wrinkling and sinking. Although each person’s ageing style is always unique and should always be addressed individually the following guide explains how different treatments may be more suitable for different types of issues.

Problem Areas:
1. Sagging: HIFU is the best choice as it tightens the SMAS layer (muscle) of the skin which reverses the sagging appearance. HIFU assists in tightening loose skin around the jowls, improve the appearance of a double chin or “lifting” the brows. The skin lifting and tightening effects will give the appearance of a slimmer face, sharp jawline and double chin reduction. Further, it can also get rid of any excess fat and tissue in the lower face that’s worsening the sagging effect.
2. Volume loss: RF being a less intensive method that penetrates tissues not as deep as HIFU can be a better choice for addressing volume loss or treating delicate areas such as lower and upper eyelids. Thus, if you have no or limited skin laxity, but are losing facial volume you may opt for the RF. It will tighten the skin but also create the effect of more volume especially in the area around the mouth.
3. Wrinkles & fine lines: Both HIFU and RF boost collagen production and accelerate skin tissues remodelling. Thus, they’re both effective in treating wrinkles and fine lines. The best method for treating the signs of skin degeneration will thus depend on the extent of your skin ageing and the area you want to treat. For this reason, any deep lines and wrinkles should be address with HIFU due to its skin tightening properties as RF does not target deep within the SMAS (muscle layer).

What is the Face Lift treatment?2021-07-24T07:42:18+10:00

Face Lift (Combination Treatment of HIFU and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening)

Body Contour Studio created the Face lift treatment which targets all problem areas such as wrinkles, skin sagging and double chin fat. Previously, targeting all these problem areas will require the patient to undergo both HIFU and RF treatments.

Face Lift which is a tailored treatment plan that combines both treatments to ensure that all problem areas are targeted. This helps with the following:

Skin lifting and tightening
Sharpens the jawline
Facial contouring
Double Chin reduction
Minimises fine lines and wrinkles
Improvement of skin texture and laxity

Different packages2021-07-24T07:47:36+10:00

At Body Contour Studio, we offer 2 different packages of the face lift treatment:

Face Lift Single Session
1. 1x HIFU treatment on the jawline, double chin
2. 1x Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on the face

Face Lift Package
1. 1x HIFU treatment on the jawline, double chin and cheeks
2. 2x Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on the face


The face lift is the best treatment as it has the benefits of both the HIFU and RF Skin tightening which helps with facial sagging, wrinkles and fine lines and volume.
Best choice for skin tightening and lifting around the jowls, improve the appearance of a double chin or “lifting” the brows, and deep wrinkles. It improves skin quality such as such as very fine early wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial scars and even acne.

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